Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you ready for a new mattress?  If so, you might consider buying a Bob-o-Pedic Tempur Pedic.

This review of the Bob-o-Pedic speaks about the 10-inch Foam Plush mattress with box-spring available at Bob's Furniture store.

I'm so pleased that I took the chance buying a Bob-o-Pedic Tempur Pedic mattress set.  I really appreciate when I lay down on it that the foam mattress conforms to my body curves and because of that it gives me a feeling of laying down in the air.  I notice I lay down more straight and don't move around during the night as often as I did when I was sleeping on a coil-spring mattress.  I also like that the whole bed does not move around every time I move.

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Cons of the Bob-o-Pedic Tempur Pedic

There are two cons when sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  The fist is when I move around in bed when sleeping.  It is not easy to flip yourself over or onto your side because when you are laying down on the memory foam there is not spring to the foam to easily bounce around.  The second is when I have to get out of bed.  I need to sit all the way up and place my feet on the floor in order to get out of the bed.  When I slept on a coil-spring mattress it was very easy to jump and bounce out of bed.

Overall Review

I have no regrets buying the Bob-o-Pedic version of a Tempur Pedic.  I feel I sleep more sound and feel better rested compared to sleeping on my old coil-spring mattress.  I appreciate the comfy-cozy feeling I get when it's time to lay down and sleep.  The Bob-o-Pedic gave me 30-days to sleep on it to make sure I wanted to keep it.  After the first few nights of sleeping on it I knew I was not going to return it but having the option to do so was nice to know.

PS:  If you buy the Goof Proof Bed Protector that warranties the Bob-o-Pedic Mattress it's covered for 10-years from rips, cuts, liquid stains and burns.  It is worth the buy.

Bob-o-Pedic Foam under two layers of protective covering

In the picture above you can see the actual foam part of the mattress if you zip open the two layers of covering.  The foam mattress is sold with the two layers of covering on it and is a part of the mattress itself.

Bob-o-Pedic Box-Spring
The above picture shows the box-spring.  I did not need to buy the frame but I did buy a new box-spring.  The box-spring is build strong and solid and is covered by thick protective material that gives it a finished clean look.  If you decide to place the box-spring directly on the floor you may want to consider buying a package of ez-sliders and place them under the box-spring.  Ez-sliders makes it easy to move the bed around if need to be.  Ez-sliders work on almost every floor surface.

In this picture you can see little rubber orange dots and the dots are on the bottom of the foam mattress covering.  When you place the mattress on the box-spring the outer layer covering has the orange rubber dots on the side that you place on the box-spring so the mattress stays in place when you're on it.

Bonus:  If you buy a Bob-o-Pedic because you are updating and upgrading the mattress you are sleeping on the Bob's delivery persons will take your old mattress with them so you don't have to get ride of it yourself.

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